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As an intellectual property law firm with international clientele, we rely on healthy growth. To be able to provide our clients with ongoing creative and high-quality concepts for the protection of intellectual property rights, we are searching to expand our team with highly qualified employees.

We are currently searching for:

Junior Partner

We are looking for a junior partner to begin at our firm as soon as possible. Ideally, you have completed education for being a qualified German patent attorney with a focus on one or more of the following technical fields: mechanical science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, or physics. Ideally, you have several years of experience working with international clients. You are a European patent attorney, and in addition to your first language German, you are also fluent in English. With our clients you have a confident and communicative attitude, without losing sight of the necessary integrity/reliability and efficiency. As a top-class addition to our law firm, we expect from you a high degree of organizational skills, independence, flexibility, imaginativeness, capacity for teamwork, sensitivity and empathy. As a junior partner you will have the opportunity to enter on an equal footing as a partner and to help shape the future orientation of our law firm.

Patent Attorney

We are searching for a patent attorney specialized in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, physics or computer science to begin as soon as possible. You speak English fluently and confidently in business discussions and have an outstanding personality with radiant charisma, with skill for creative, unconventional and superb solutions and with a sense of justice, fairness and team spirit. We are offering an internationally oriented, flexible, attractive and varying position in a small, but very powerful team with an enjoyable and kind work atmosphere. A high degree of personal freedom, flexibility and the opportunity to help us give direction to and shape the firm’s structure for sustainability are a given. We are very interested in a long-term collaboration.


We are hiring a part-time paralegal assistant to begin at our firm as soon as possible. In addition to your first language German, you are fluent in English and, preferably, also in one or more additional European languages. Your responsibilities will include the independent administration of the office. You will also be responsible for the monitoring of time limits and fee payments as well as incoming and outgoing mail. Beyond that you will be a valuable and essential part of the firm’s team. Good knowledge of mit PatOrg, Espacenet, Epoline, MyPage and MS-Office go without saying and will be expected from you.

Unsolicited applications are particularly welcome. We look forward to your convincing application that we will of course handle confidentially. Our contact details are:

Franke & Partner Intellectual Property Law Firm
Attn.: Dr. Dirk Franke
Widenmayerstr. 25
80838 Munich

Franke & Partner
Intellectual Property Law Firm

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