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We offer the following introductory and continuing education seminars in the field of intellectual property law:

1. Introduction to patent law

This seminar has the following topics to focus on: basic principles of patent law, funding opportunities (KMU program and signo), drafting and prosecuting patent applications, applicable strategies in the case of a filed opposition or nullity action, possibility to extend the patent protections to foreign countries.

2. Evaluation of intellectual property rights, of patent portfolio management

The seminar focuses on the following topics: qualitative and quantitative evaluation of single patents and of patent portfolio as part of the company’s intangible assets, use of the apud model for a qualitative evaluation, appropriate measures for optimizing a patent portfolio, legal classification of IP rights on the balance sheet (possible legal obligation to capitalize IP rights), models of damage assessment in the event of an ascertained infringement of property rights.

3. European patent law and PCT

This seminar is designed to prepare candidates for the European Qualifying Examination (EQE) and is generally scheduled to the time immediately before the preparation phase of the EQE. It is expected that the participants are already familiar with the basic provisions of the EPC, so that a hands-on and in depth preparation for the D-part of the EQE is possible by the seminar.

All seminars will be held in the premises of Franke & Partner in Munich.

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